3D product rendering and visualisation is an ideal way to showcase your business' visual assets. Whether you need perfectly-crafted imagery for your e-commerce store, for your social media campaigns or any other marketing material, Centregram has you covered. Find out more about how we can help your business with your 3D visualisation needs..

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3D animation of orange juice product

What Is 3D Product Rendering?

3D product rendering is the creation of computer-generated 3D product images using computer rendering software. These images can be aesthetic or photorealistic and serve tor provide images that traditional photography struggles to achieve. 3D product renders require 3D modelling within rendering software; these models are then rendered to achieve the desired result.

3D Product Rendering Service For E-Commerce

Our advanced 3D product visualisation service lets you populate your e-commerce store with perfectly rendered images in all sizes, style and SKU-variations.

Regardless of your industry, Centregram can create stylish, detailed and engaging product visualisations that stand out.

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3D Visualisations for Social Media

3D rendered product visualisations allow you to put your product into a light where concepts are explored in interesting and compelling ways, and allow for great engagement on social media channels.

We also offer long term relationships creating weekly/monthly packs of 3D rendered images for your social media channels, optimised for any platform.

3D Rendered Hero Imagery: Tell Your Story in a Still

Your products stand out. So should your website. We can work together to get the perfect 3D rendered hero image to take your website to the next level.

Hero Render of Orange Juice Product

3D Rendered Products with White Backgrounds

White background product images suit e-commerce well.

Centregram offers a 3D product rendering service that can provide you with images of your products on white backgrounds for a clean look that lets the product speak for itself.

3D is Better Than A Photograph

We use best-in-class 3D rendering software ensure your products are vivid and hyper-realistic - with amendment flexibility. No need for expensive photo-shoots! Learn more about 3D rendering vs traditional photography.

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Why Choose Centregram for 3D Product Visualisation?

Centregram has the proven ability to craft professional-grade 3D product renderings. Our professional attitude, dedication to perfection and fast turn around time is something our clients all around the world enjoy.

However, we know you may have questions as to whether 3D product rendering is suitable for your business, so the below pros and cons of 3D rendering comapred to photography may be worht the read.

What goes into Pricing a 3D Project?

There are a few factors that are considered when pricing a project with us. Stay on the right side of pricing and read up on the factors we take into consideration when pricing up a project. Understanding these can help you plan effectively.

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