Orange Juice Commercial
Orange Juice Commercial
Orange Juice Commercial

Orange Juice Commercial

We designed a promo video that would be social media friendly for a small home-made orange juice start up in Portugal.

The brief was to bring out the home-made values and celebrate it through movement. All through a time duration fit for social media advertising.

Instagram and Tik-Tok - it was part of a social media campaign.
It was also used as a hero image on their website.

The client is a small start-up company for home made orange juice in Portugal.

Story board, then rough render for client, then stills for client, then final piece, any fixes that were needed.


We drew the thing by pencil and emailed to the client. They liked the concept and from the we were able to go to the next stage of creating a rough render.

Rough Render

Once the story is set up its time to develop the colours look and feel. Some rough renders are sent to the client for feedback.

Final Render

The final product was now able to be sent to the clients personal motion graphics team for further post production.


The process of storyboarding, scene setting, texturing and post production are all relatively straightforward, with the cinematography itself taking the majority of time. Still, with quick sign off from the client we were able to deliver the project ahead of schedule in about 2 weeks

None - benefit of 3D rendering over filming and photography is great visuals can be accomplished without the need of a film crew.

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